understand and reach
your costumers while they shop!

Our Offers

Understanding your customers’ in-store behaviour allows you to improve your retail strategy.
Use our local insights to drive marketing, sales and conversion results.
Thanks to our patent pending technology, you can access and leverage the following data:

• Number of visitors • Returning customers • Time spent in-store
• Foot-traffic patterns • Conversion rates
• Customer loyalty • All this and more in a single real-time dashboard

  • Wi-Fi Connection

    Wi-Fi connection without any kind of problems
    through social networks login
    and you can increase your social networks exposure.

  • CRM – Direct Marketing

    You can profile costumers, produce
    a real time database
    and push targeted notifications
    to all the costumers.

  • Loyalty Program

    Manage coupons,
    create personalized offers
    and make visible the catalog in an alternative way.


Restaurants, coffee, boutiques, Retail Chains and Shopping Malls

Apply customized marketing strategies.
Analyze and improve the benefits of a retail chain
in each local store.
Understand which are the most visited areas of the store.


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